A unique service for users of EvoX from ES Tech Group

From the Online Experts for the Office Supplies Industry

Michael Horn, Business Development Manager - ES Tech Group

“It’s great to see Office Club taking the initiative with our platform and offering services like SEO, Email Marketing & Social Media to help drive traffic and sales for dealers.

Most of our users shy away from these because of the lack of knowledge so it’s great to know they have experts to hand in Office Club. Working with Mark Allan and the team will only make our EvolutionX platform better for our customers and also for their members”

You have decided to use one of the best ecommerce packages, if not the best, in the office supplies industry, but are you getting the most out of this system?

We have been working with Office Club members to ensure they get the best from EvoX:

• Obtaining new customers
• Increasing sales value
• Improving profitability

This expert input could be available to you, simply by joining Office Club, it’s like getting a new member of staff, dedicated to your website,  along with the other great benefits a Dealer Group can offer.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

We can optimise every single product and category, that you sell, ensuring you are found in all local searches. The process of helping Google decide which website is advertised to the consumer by giving the most relevant answer or search return.
SEO is a minefield but with years of experience, we help Office Club members get found first, giving them the chance of converting the sale online. The Office Supplies market is a crowded one, but how about if we tell you that only a small percentage of the industry use the right sort of optimisation techniques? However when it is utilised, the results are staggering. Every product category without SEO, the chances of being found are hugely reduced.

Email Marketing: Sell more to your customers.

Your EvoX site integrates well with one of the leading email marketing packages in Mail Chimp. But it’s all very well integrating, what do you do with it next? We have deals and relationships with many of the industry suppliers and we can set-up Mail Chimp, cleanse your database and target new and existing customers with supplier news and promotions; even if you prefer to buy the brands from VOW, Spicers or Exertise. We have supported customers with everything from the initial gathering of data to complex exercises containing over 25,000 customers.

Site Analytics: How is your website performing and how can we improve on it?

So you get to see sales, or possible no sales. But what is happening behind the scenes of your website? How do people find you? Who are they? How often do they visit? Where do they exit your website? Even what is the average age or gender of your visitor? Without this information, it’s difficult to know who your target market is and also what needs to be improved on your website. Having utilised Google Analytics for Office Club members for a number of years, we can supply you with data and help you work on improvements to make your EvoX work harder for your business.

Social Media: Connect with your customers, both new and old.

Gain a wider set of followers and steer more traffic to your site through professional and relevant social media posts. Taking you out of your comfort zone? Office Club now works with members offering a fully managed social media service delivering effective and varied content which helps you to stand out from the crowd and create SEO benefits.

These are just a few examples of how we are helping our members gain sales and customers through this great software from ES Tech Group. Our other services are also open to you which include wholesale deals, direct manufacturer deals, bespoke static websites, niche marketing and mailers, net priced catalogues and many more tools to help your business.

Are you interested in finding out more?
Contact Mark Allan on markallan@officeclub.co.uk or phone 07771 880008.